India Trip

ID card film number 2170008212 from 11/04/12

issued by the Federal Agency of  Culture and Cinematography Russian Federation


"The film "India Trip" tells about the culture and life in India. In the film took part Rampuri Baba, a sadhu in the ancient tradition of naga babas, author of the book "The Biography of a blue-eyed yogi", and yoga teacher from Varanasi Rakesh Pandey. Genre of film can be defined as a film-meditation, contemplation, this is a fully independent personal project, the shooting which occurred within three years and culminated in the Kumbh Mela in 2010".


author and director

Kartazon Dream





Prabhu Jap Singh




Anastasiya Kononenko


editing and graphics

Kartazon Dream



Alexey Veroshin


translation from english

Andrew Barykin



Maxim Zolotukhin



Catherine Roganova


producer of the film

Vlad Ketkovich


in the film participate

Baba Rampuri

Rakesh Pandey

Surya Baba

Aghora Baba from Varanasi


Fire-Faw (Dance of Death)

Julia Pavlova


used the archives of the films

"Woodstock. Three Days of Peace and Music" (1970)


the fragments of the Katha Upanishad translated AJ Syrkin


author expresses his gratitude

Michael Vereshchagin

Helen Kochneva

Anastasiya Kononenko

Maya Levashova

Sergei Bondarenko

Michael Samkov


special thanks

Maria Nikolaeva




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